When you need to STOP LEARNING


‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere’, says a Chinese proverb. While it is important to keep [...]

When you need to STOP LEARNING2019-08-08T10:54:14+05:30

Siddhartha to Buddha


Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan. This popular proverb unfortunately does not hold true for an entrepreneur. When [...]

Siddhartha to Buddha2019-08-07T16:32:53+05:30

The Island of Blind Men


I like traveling and I always wanted to take a long trip in my boat. When I finally gathered the [...]

The Island of Blind Men2020-04-16T11:48:59+05:30

Data and Science


Just watched a video of Sadhguru being interviewed by three IIM A students. IIM Ahmedabad is supposedly the best B [...]

Data and Science2018-11-19T13:06:06+05:30

Blending in and standing out


Why do Zebras have stripes? Because they stay in a herd and stripes make it easy for them to blend [...]

Blending in and standing out2018-08-15T11:51:54+05:30

To risk or not to risk?


When I am in a fix about whether I should risk something or not, I play a little game with [...]

To risk or not to risk?2018-08-15T12:05:24+05:30
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