I want to work with experts, but how?


In my last article, I mentioned why you shouldn’t spend too much time on learning ‘non-core’ skills. If you finally [...]

I want to work with experts, but how?2019-08-09T12:08:50+05:30

How Marketers can counter BitBounce


I am marketing a mobile app which has close to 100,000 downloads and growing daily. I am currently using MailChimp [...]

How Marketers can counter BitBounce2018-11-19T15:24:55+05:30

Why Entry pop ups are a bad idea?


Okay, I landed on a website today, that belonged to apparently one of the biggest management consultants of today. One [...]

Why Entry pop ups are a bad idea?2018-11-19T13:12:34+05:30

The problem of taking ownership


As all marketing companies, some of our projects fail. But as all good companies, we try to understand - the [...]

The problem of taking ownership2018-11-19T13:07:10+05:30