Abhi Tadwalkar
Entrepreneur . Listener . Seeker


The journey begins.

The journey so far has been like a flight over the north pole. When the skies have been clear, the view has been spectacular. But when the weather has been gloomy, the ride has been turbulent – so much so at times, that I have been worried for my life. The one thing that has remained constant is, I have covered distance. I kept going and that kept me going.

This website is the journal of my journey. It is open for those who are feeling the heat of entrepreneurship, and for those who are still contemplating.


Finding Inspiration.
This is where I talk to people who I feel are living a fascinating lifestyle. I keep going back to these conversations when I am seeking answers. The current series of talks that I am doing is called [DIS]COMFORT ZONE, through which I am interviewing those people who dared challenge their Comfort Zone.


Patterns of my life.
I observe. A lot. Yet, observation means nothing without deriving the patterns out of them, deriving learnings. In my journey, I meet a lot of people. Naturally, I draw patterns and derive my own little theories and analyses which I try to put into practice through these abstract articles.

When you need to STOP LEARNING

‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere’, says a Chinese proverb. While it is important to keep learning, it is equally important to know what to learn. This article is a part [...]


Easing your journey.
Through this section, I plan to create tools which will be of daily marketing use for my fellow entrepreneurs. I have acquired some skills over the last few years, and I plan to share them in the form How-to guides and Tutorials.

I want to work with experts, but how?

In my last article, I mentioned why you shouldn’t spend too much time on learning ‘non-core’ skills. If you finally agree with it, and are now looking to find ways to work with the experts, [...]

4 Checks to identify why people don’t perform

People not performing to their full potential is a common but teething problem. In spite of screening their resumes for prior work experience, giving skill tests, taking detailed interviews and doing background checks, a lot [...]


Reviews of books that inspire me.
These reviews are safe and I don’t give out any spoilers. Before picking up a book to read, I always contemplate if it is going to be worth my time. Through these reviews, I give my perspective about who should read these books.


Have a question? Talk to me.
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