My perspective

A few years back, someone asked me whether ‘I think a lot?’ And my response to that was, I don’t know how much others think. So I don’t know if I think ‘a lot’ in comparison with them. I still do not know whether I think ‘a lot’, but what I do know is – I think. This website is a result of this thinking.

I have created 50+ premium websites, for individuals and for corporates. Naturally, I had a temptation of creating a website for myself on several occasions. During that time, I did not know the answers of the below two questions:

  1. What is the area of my expertise that I am going to write about?
  2. Will people come to the website and will it make any meaningful change to this world?

Over a period of time, I seemed to have made progress on both the fronts.

I have worked closely with several clients, and I think running a Business and playing a key role in marketing of the business, is something that I seek to achieve. I have faced the struggles of a first generation entrepreneur and I am learning marketing, ground up. In, I will continue to write about things that I feel will benefit the first generation entrepreneurs and buddying marketers.

The answer to the second question is not as straight-forward as the first. is more of an expression for me. It is for myself. If you have discovered this website and are interested in some of its content, I respect you a lot. But bringing you to this website is not the intention. I have a poor memory. So I want to keep writing, so that I will not forget the discoveries that I make in this journey.

Takeaway for you

Our own thinking has the potential to make us happy or miserable. An effective tool to channelise our thinking is to choose your battlefields carefully and stick to those battlefields. Our mind, because it constantly tries to expand, may trick us into widening our perspective. In my experience, ‘meaning’ comes from going deep, not wide. The deeper you venture into something, the more you understand the subtler aspects of it, the more knowledgeable and confident you feel.

If there was one takeaway for you, that would be – you do not need to be good at everything, as long as you are good at something. The world doesn’t need to decide what you are supposed to be good at… You do!