My exposure to ‘how money works’ was very limited until I picked up Rick Dad Poor Dad book. Robert Kiyosaki, narrates ‘how make money work for you’ instead of ‘working for money’ through an engaging tale.

Robert starts by talking about his definition of ‘assets’ and ‘liability’, which actually make a lot of sense. There is a significant difference between his definition of ‘assets’ and ‘liabilities’ and the text book definitions. And I have to admit, his definitions are easier to understand and make a lot more sense. Making money work for you, essentially means building assets which keep bringing money in your pocket, rather than buying text book assets, which take money out of your pockets.

Because I had very limited exposure to the science of money, this book was eye opening. For a person like me, who definitely needs lessons on investing money, Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a great start. Ever since, I read it I am constantly on the lookout of building assets. Can’t say I have been successful in doing so thus far, but I am closing in on a few things. If you are reading this, and you think we can build an asset together, please reach out to me 🙂

Key Takeaways: Wanting to learn more about how money works, is far from being greedy about money. ‘One should not run behind money’, is ingrained in our culture. So much so that I almost felt guilty for thinking about money, before I picked up this book. I always thought money is the bi-product of excellence, and that you should chase excellence. While the part about ‘excellence’ still holds true, you should also set financial goals and think wisely about money.