The Island of Blind Men

I like traveling and I always wanted to take a long trip in my boat. When I finally gathered the courage, I packed enough food that will last me for a year and [...]

Data and Science

Just watched a video of Sadhguru being interviewed by three IIM A students. IIM Ahmedabad is supposedly the best B School in India. An entry in IIM A is a ticket to a [...]

Blending in and standing out

Why do Zebras have stripes? Because they stay in a herd and stripes make it easy for them to blend in. Because of Zebra’s stripes, it becomes difficult for the Lion to mark [...]

To risk or not to risk?

When I am in a fix about whether I should risk something or not, I play a little game with myself. I have been playing this game over the last 2 years and [...]

What’s your Happiness Index?

Day jobs of choice can be a dream of a lot of people and kudos to them! But sometimes, I am concerned about those who are not entirely happy with their day jobs [...]