I want to work with experts, but how?

In my last article, I mentioned why you shouldn’t spend too much time on learning ‘non-core’ skills. If you finally agree with it, and are now looking to find ways to work with the experts, this article may be helpful. Before beginning, I am assuming that you are an entrepreneur, of a bootstrapped business, that does not have enough funds to hire specialists, yet want to make it big. I have been there and I get you! Experts or specialists [...]

4 Checks to identify why people don’t perform

People not performing to their full potential is a common but teething problem. In spite of screening their resumes for prior work experience, giving skill tests, taking detailed interviews and doing background checks, a lot of times entrepreneurs realise that some people just don’t perform. This is not only true for new hires, but also for the old employees. Sometimes, old employees just stop performing well, and we can’t understand why! This has come from my years of experience trying [...]

Want to find a cofounder for your startup idea? Here are 8 critical questions you need to ask.

Having a co-founder startup might be a very good idea for the most because it divides responsibilities, expenses and brings in a fresh new perspective to the table. But finding a co-founder can be tricky. Cofounding a venture is very similar to entering into a marriage. Not only are you going to spend 12 to 14 hours a day together, you are going to mutually discuss and take several decisions which can potentially lead to disagreements. Disagreements are good, disharmony [...]

How Marketers can counter BitBounce

I am marketing a mobile app which has close to 100,000 downloads and growing daily. I am currently using MailChimp to send update emails to the app's registered users and we take their permission prior to sending them emails. The emails I send them include all the important information about the new app updates and prize money and payment related information. I just wanted to clear the air and tell you that we are following all the best practices laid [...]

Why Entry pop ups are a bad idea?

Okay, I landed on a website today, that belonged to apparently one of the biggest management consultants of today. One second after I landed on his website, I was greeted by an Entry pop up. Yes, I am referring to those forms which obstruct everything else and beg for your email address, right after you land on their website. It is annoying. You might find this strange coming from a marketer, but guess what, I am a human being first. [...]

The problem of taking ownership

As all marketing companies, some of our projects fail. But as all good companies, we try to understand - the reasons - and more importantly - the patterns - behind our failed projects. One of the patterns that we identified revolved around 'taking ownership' of the projects. I am sure a lot of companies - small and large have identified the same problem. For the longest time though, I could not clearly tell my team, what I meant by 'taking [...]


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