This was an important book. After having read ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek, I started feeling very uncomfortable about the way I was running my business. I even reviewed the book right away mentioning about my discomfort. I needed a way to know if there was a process to identify one’s ‘Why’. A friend told me about this book and I immediately dug in.
This is a very tactical book. And it makes all the sense to read it right after Start With Why. It elaborates further about how the limbic brain plays a part in decision making. The book helps you if you are an individual or a company. The process for both has been elaborated deeply. Further, it also help you identify your ‘Hows’. This section is very interesting as it proves to be a connecting link between your Why and What. The Hows prove to be a guideline about in the journey of the Whats. In short, the Hows help you take decisions in your day-to-day life. I loved the FAQs section towards the end of book that clarifies most of the other remaining questions. This book does exactly what it is supposed to do – help you Find Your Why. I don’t need to sell this book to you. Start With Why does a good job of selling it. All you need to do if find it.
Key Takeaways: Because this book is extremely tactical, there weren’t any major takeaways. But just knowing that you now have a well documented process to Find Your Why is relieving.
Who Should Read: Reading this book in silo will not make too much sense. However, all those people who feel moved by Start With Why, should immediately follow it with Find Your Why.